Latest Infrared Heat Technologies

Hot Vinyasa Yoga is what we are good at! How do we do it?? Well, radiant, infrared heat actually heats the object (the object being you) directly, rather than warming just the air around you like conventional heat does (Read more in our "About" section)

Grow Your Practice In Our Workshops

Join in one of our workshops to deepen your practice. Benefits? It will provide you with a deeper understanding of the foundations of yoga with our step-by-step instruction and have a blast while doing so!

We Are All About Charity

Find out what charity event we are working on this month! Each month Venture will be offering a free/donation based yoga class. We will send all proceeds to various charities that we are involved with! Let us know your favorites!

Balanced Teaching Staff

Ever been to a studio and looked for multiple teachers who taught consistently with the style of yoga you like? At Venture we pride ourselves with the ability to bring you the best of the best. You won't be unhappy with a class, no matter what time of day it is...early bird-night owl, we gotcha!

"This just in"

With love & light-Venture Yoga & Wellness.